Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Today’s Sample: Calypso St. Barth Chevrefeuille

Some of these samples I have, I’m not sure why I ordered them. Maybe I read a review, or maybe I decided to try out a few on my own. The Chevrefeuille comes from my fourth set of samples, which I ordered about six weeks ago. I’m pretty sure at that point I was still consulting every blog or review I could find, so I must have read about it somewhere. When I finish discussing, I’ll see if I can find a source.

The notes in Chevrefeuille are honeysuckle, sweet orange blossom, amber and musk. Although I love the smell of honeysuckle (and we have plenty of it here in Georgia), it’s not generally something I’d choose to wear, as I think of it as a bit too heady and sweet.

Traditionally, living in the south or the southwest (anyone who has ever lived in Texas knows that Texas is not the south, the exception being parts of Texas east of Longview and north of Houston, which are “southern” and should really belong to Louisiana), I’ve found that floral fragrances work best in the late winter or early spring, and I can get away with them a lot longer in Georgia than I did in Texas. In summer, I generally lean toward something green. (Prescriptives Calyx has been my longtime summer staple, although I recently learned on Now Smell This that it’s classified as a fruity floral—how, I ask?)

However, now that I’m sampling all of these niche perfumes, I’m finding more possibilities, and Chevrefeuille is one of them. The opening is pure honeysuckle, but it’s honeysuckle in first bloom near a wooded area on a spring morning, so there’s a fresh component, rather than the heady sweetness you might think. This is a relatively simple fragrance, so the procession of notes is uncomplicated, and while it maintains a soft honeysuckle, the amber is very apparent. Although it’s not listed in the notes, I also get a real hint of pepper over the softness, and it’s gorgeous!

Although I loved the fresh green of the Pecksniff’s I tried yesterday and still think it’s a wonderful scent for summer, I’d have to say that Chevrefeuille has knocked it down a notch or two on my list. I think I like the Chevrefeuille better because it surprised me. This is a floral I would feel very comfortable wearing even on the hottest summer days, but also in winter. The spiel on LusciousCargo says that Chevrefeuille is “a honeysuckle scent you’ll want to wear on Christmas day,” and I agree. It’s spicy enough to stand up to pine and cinnamon and nutmeg smells that are everywhere during the holidays, but soft enough to remind you that spring is not too far away.

A ha! I found a review on Now Smell This. Perhaps this was my source? I'm still not sure, though, because I don't think honeysuckle would have been my first choice, even after reading this favorable review. It remains a mystery.

*photo from (photo quality was quite poor on their site as well)