Sunday, June 04, 2006

New Look for Summer!

Score! Bob and I went out to lunch yesterday, and our waitress had on the prettiest gold eye shadow I have ever seen. The color was gorgeous, in a soft satiny shimmer. Usually if I see smeone wearing clothing or makeup I like, I don't say anything and just end up searching for it in vain. I suppose I feel awkward for noticing, especially something like eye shadow, but yesterday I decided to ask in the name of research. After all, it's not just about me anymore, but about you two readers as well.

I fully expected her to say MAC Pigment in Gold Dust, which everyone's been raving about (and is sold out everywhere), but to my surprise she said it was a color called Honey, from Urban Decay. She had mixed it with something else, but she couldn't remember the name of the other color. Doh! (I wasn't wearing any makeup at the time, which I think prompted the "You can get it at this place in the mall called Sephora" comment that followed.)

Lucky for me, I had to go to Sephora anyway, as I'm about a day or two away from running out of my Stila Tinted Moisture. I decided that I was going to try the DuWop Revolution Face, based on the Beauty Addict's review, but the second I walked into the store I made a beeline for the Urban Decay section.

At first I didn't see it in with their regular eye shadows, and I thought maybe it had either been a limited edition color or the waitress had told me the wrong brand name. I saw a few colors that were sort of close and picked them up, but then I saw the Deluxe Shadows, and there it was. Honey! In the case, it looked like sort of a greenish, heavy gold, not at all soft shimmery color it was on the waitress, but after a little hemming and hawing, I picked it up. (I really wanted a gold shadow, but the other thing that got me was the packaging...these look like cute little pill boxes.) And because it's a hard and fast rule that you cannot blend new eye shadow with anything old you have at home (seriously, it's a law), I also picked up one of their regular shadows called Blunt, to blend with the Honey.

I moved on over to the DuWop section, where I picked up the Revolution Face in Caitlin and also the Shades of Venom lipstick in Azalea, a very pretty, summery pink.

And oh, Honey! I tried it on as soon as I got home. If you are looking for a shimmery gold shadow to wear this summer, you must try this. It's lovely, and not over the top for daytime. I put the Blunt (a soft golden-pinkish's not as pink as it looks in the picture) all over my lid and up to my brow, and then put the Honey on just my lid up to the crease. I also put a little along my lower lash line, for soft sparkle. On my face I only applied my Smashbox PhotoFinish (which I bought a full bottle of yesterday as well, with the Dermaxyl and the SPF, thanks) and then dusted my new favorite powder, MAC Beauty Powder in Sunsparkled Pearl, all over my face. I finished it off with the DuWop Azalea lipstick, which has a slight shimmer--and oh, a new look for me!

Seriously, I've been trying to break out of the brown shadow rut, but almost everything I have tried has sent me right back. I tried green shadows, but they looked a lttle chalky and didn't really bring out my eyes (which is old wisdom--don't wear shadow and liner the same color as your eyes--and I think it's true, even if Almay wants us to think differently). I tried plums and pinks, but I think they made me look tired. I tried highly pigmented browns and bronzy pinks, but I looked like I'd done my eye makeup using metallic paint pens from Michael's. (Heavy shimmers show every ugly bump and crease on your eyelids, so should not be recommended for anyone over the age of 14. Okay, 20.) And finally, I'm so pale, bronze anything makes me look like I've been out rolling around in Georgia's red clay and am in desperate need of a bath.

I'm so excited! What's your look for summer?
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