Monday, February 25, 2008

Won't You Play Me...Le Jazz Hot, Maybe

Bob and I have undertaken the arduous task of copying all of our CDs to computer. We've done this several times over the last six or seven years, haphazardly at best. The result was a bunch of files in different folders, random file types, some songs copied three or four times here and there. This weekend we decided we'd had enough, so we're copying everything we own to one location (which we'll backup the second we're finished) and in ONE format.

The fun part of this exercise is going "shopping" in our collection. Tonight I found a bunch of jazz CDs that I've neglected way too long. I never think to copy this stuff over to my iPod because I usually only listen to it while I exercise, but I'm going to change all that! Here's some of the stuff I found again:

Earl Harvin Trio/Quartet. Earl was a college friend of mine. Now he's Seal's drummer with many successful projects, jazz and otherwise, on the side.

Medeski, Martin & Wood, Shack Man. Very groovy.

Now, how can anything get me down this week?

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