Friday, February 29, 2008

What's Your Friday Perfume?

Hi Friends. My perfume today is L'Artisan Dzing! And yours?

I am sorry again for the lack of posts. I seem to have a real case of the blahs. At first, the samples were still calling, but the words wouldn't come. Next thing I new, the samples stopped calling. I look in my little sample drawers (That's right! I forgot to tell you--I upgraded from Box O'Samples!) and just think "meh," and then go put on something in my own collection. This week Iris Poudre, Flowerbomb, and Dzing! have been in heavy rotation because it's been cold and I've needed something cozy but beautiful.

It must be the season, because I had the exact same symptoms this time last year! I'm ready for spring already, I guess, and I'm just waiting for nature to catch up with me. I may need to buy a decant of Champaca so I have something to look forward to...a little pick-me-up!

Have a happy Friday!

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