Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to you all, dear friends! Today I'm wearing Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia. Bob does love white florals. What is your scent for today? A loved one's favorite? A selection for yourself? Or perhaps you're wearing no perfume at all?

Very interesting article today in the New York Times about the growing number of women who have stopped wearing perfume. While I think even the most serious perfume fans out there are feeling a bit fatigued with all the new releases of late, I can't imagine any of us would give up fragrance altogether. One person in the article comments that the issue is not so much perfume, but the application. I tend to agree with this, although I also know that sometimes Bob tires of me smelling like something new every single day. He misses the smell of "me," he says. I have always worn perfume, so he's hardly pining for Greeneyes au naturale, but he misses the constant comfort and association of the identifying mark of my perfume. It stands to reason that whatever sort of identity our perfume might lend us, we want that to be a positive experience for our loved ones as well.

So if you have time today, share with me: If you could pick only one scent to identify yourself, what would it be and why? My pick is the perfume I'm wearing today, not just because Bob loves white florals (plenty to choose from there), but because out of those I've tried, this one feels the most "me," or at least the me I would like to be: classic and straightforward, yet utterly feminine.

Have a lovely day, my friends!

*image from Yahoo