Friday, February 15, 2008

What's Your Friday Perfume?

Last week I called this "Personal Choice Fridays," which sounded vaguely political and in the case of perfume, sort of stupid. I named it on the fly, without thinking about how it really sounded. You might have thought I suddenly decided to have some political forum on Fridays. Or perhaps you had the sudden idea that during the rest of the week I must be performing for some sample editorial board hovering over me and making me do their bidding. All of my choices are personal.

I have changed the title to the startlingly original, "What's Your Friday Perfume?" Breathtaking, to be sure. You must wonder how I come up with these things. But at least it get the point across.

I think today I'm going to wear Rochas Femme.

And you, friends? Come on, tell!

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