Friday, August 18, 2006

Majenty Hidden Cove

The final Majenty sample I have is Hidden Cove. This is a coconut oil with notes of “flowers from the far east” (non-capitalization isn’t mine) and water lilies. I was sort of excited to try this one. After Hours is a “Southern” perfume. It makes me think of Maggie the Cat from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, or more specifically Elizabeth Taylor in her white satin slip, lazing around the house and picking fights. The lush humidity cannot hold--you know some storm eventually will come along and break it up. But the tension beforehand is almost intoxicating. Embrace the Day is straightforward gardenia, very mother-of-the-bride. And then there’s Hidden Cove.

After reading the notes, I had high expectations: I thought it would be oriental and exotic, maybe both tropical and spicy, with a hint of coconut underneath…like curry, only with flowers. Instead, I got this: tanning oil and a cheap imitation of Lipstick Rose. I don’t smell anything that one would generally find in an oriental scent. Maybe it’s just the way this stuff reacts with my body chemistry, but I got a definite hit of something very dusty and powdery, like the cosmetics aisle at an old Walgreen’s. In the vial it smells slightly less cheap, but I still swear I smell rose…and it’s very, very sweet, much sweeter than the other Majenty oils. Sadly, this is a no-go. My final opinion is this (in case you couldn’t already tell): if you’re interested in a perfume oil and you like white florals, After Hours is the way to go. Again, I think it was a happy cosmic accident that I ended up with the one I like best. It’s a great hot summer night perfume.

If anyone out there tried Hidden Cove and had a different experience, feel free to post and share. Whenever I really don't like something, I feel I must blame my nose or body chemistry!

*photo from Majenty