Friday, August 04, 2006

Keiko Mecheri White Petals

Well, Hello Kitty!

I admit, I can’t say I’m a fan of Keiko Mecheri’s creations after trying only three of her perfumes. I can say I love Loukhoum (Can you hear me, L? You complete me!), and I can say I like Osmanthus (The Perfume Formerly Known as Fleur d’Osmanthus). That’s about it.

Therefore, can I really feel comfortable saying anything bad about White Petals? You bet!

The Keiko Mecheri site lists the notes as white flowers bouquet, hesperidees, sandalwood of Mysore, and powdery musk. LusciousCargo is more succinct, listing the notes as white florals, crisp citrus, freesia, peonies, white lilies, narcissus absolut, milky sandalwood, and powdery white musk.

Me, I list the notes as Country Time Yellow Lemonade blended with Snapple Pink Lemonade, to form a sweetly tart (or tartly sweet) scent that will make your teeth ache. The marketing copy at LusciousCargo recommends White Petals as a “first fragrance” for young girls, and I couldn’t agree more. Of course, you could also just buy them some Lik-A-Maid and have them wet it down and put a little smidge behind each ear.

Okay, to be fair, after about three hours, the “milky sandalwood” (didn’t know Nestle Quik made that flavor) and powdery white musk (the Lik-A-Maid chalky candy stick thing ground to dust and added to our heady lemonade blend, perhaps?) do appear. Barely.

I’ve done right by you all. I wore it, I reviewed it, and now I’m going to wash it off!

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