Monday, May 15, 2006

Today’s Sample: Keiko Mecheri Fleurs d’Osmanthus

I have so many samples to get through, I may just start trying a new one every day. I was living with each sample for two or three days, but I am anxious to keep trying new fragrances. However, if I really love something, I may live with it for a few days, instead of moving on.

And I may love Fleurs d’Osmanthus. (Or as it is called now, Osmanthus. The sample I got from luckyscent—and I can’t link to luckyscent now because I am at work and on my lunch hour and they have that site blocked as PORN—still had the old name on it.) The Keiko Mecheri site lists the notes as gold osmanthus, morrocan white datura, and tuberose. The Perfume Shoppe site also lists “overtones of plum and apricot.”

Again, I’m not cheating and reading any reviews first. I’m on my own here: When I sniffed this in the bottle, I thought it was light and pretty. When I applied it, I still thought it was nice and pretty, but just…well, floral. I think that’s a problem I have with a lot of floral fragrances: They are just floral. I could just as easily set a vase of flowers on my desk and be done with it, if I just want “floral fragrance” around me all day. (Yes, I know, my olfactory senses are immature, and I am basing “floral” as I know it mostly on mass-market fragrances.) But by the time I got to work, the fragrance was a bit deeper. The sheer floral scent developed into something…more opaque. The tuberose? It’s heady and sweet to me, but not powdery. It’s clean without being green or soapy.

Ahem. For a real review of Fleurs d’Osmanthus/Osmanthus, visit Now Smell This. (I try to check several of the “real” perfume blogs before I point readers to a review…if you have seen or wrote a review elsewhere and I missed it, please let me know!)

And now a couple of notes on other things:

On what I’m doing here: As a disclaimer, I would like to say that I am sampling, not reviewing (hence the title “Today’s Sample,” and not “Today’s Review”). What you are watching here is me trying to learn about the big bad world of perfume. That’s why, if they’re available, I’ll always point you to reviews I’ve found elsewhere. Feel free to comment and help me out—nicely, please.

On Anthousa versus Diptyque: Yesterday, I applied both fragrances, so I could be sure what I thought the differences were. Because I had already sprayed the Diptyque on my usual perfume points, I sprayed the Anthousa on the back of my hand (no doubt committing some horrible perfume faux pas, lordy). I put them on at the same time, around one o’clock in the afternoon or so. By seven o’clock or so, the Diptyque was gone, but the Anthousa held strong. I cooked for about two hours, getting meals for the week ready and preparing dinner, and even after having soap and water all over my hands, and corrupting food smells, I could still smell the Anthousa. This may tip the scales…I’m not sure. They are just so different.

On Mona di Orio Nuit Noire: I am apparently the only person in the world who likes this fragrance. I actually saw someone compare it to tacky drugstore perfume. Now, I haven’t smelled any tacky drugstore perfume in a long time, so this may very well be the case. Still. Ouch. Really, my senses might not be developed, but my taste isn’t that bad. I swear. *Blushes* Does anyone like this fragrance?