Thursday, May 11, 2006

That sunny, funny face

Here she is! My sweet Diva. How could she not have a blog named after her? Or a perfume! Even better, although it might smell like scented cat litter, and I'm not sure who'd wear it.

A little update: I got my samples from Aedes yesterday. This package included the following: Serge Lutens Gris Clair; Serge Lutens Miel de Bois; Creed Santal Original; Creed Fleurissimo; Parfums d'Empire Ambre Russe; Parfums de Rosine Ecume de Rose; Anthousia Fig & Vetiver; Diptyque Eau de Lierre

I had to smell them all last night before I went to bed. The Anthousia smells amazing, at least to my untrained nose! Very fresh and unusual. I can't wait to wear it. My husband also thought so...I had to spray a little in order to smell, and he actually came out of the bathroom where he was brushing his teeth to tell me how good he thought it smelled. He didn't much like Miel de Bois, though, which I also had to spray (elsewhere, away from the Anthousia). He's very picky. But you can't tell until you try it on, really.

The Diptyque Eau de Lierre is also very intriguing. I wonder if I will love it. So far the only Diptyque fragrance I have tried is L'Ombre dans L'Eau. I wanted to like it just because I love the name. Happily, I also love the fragrance, although to me it smells nothing like roses, at least for the first several hours. What does it smell like? Grapefruit rind...the white part, right after you've peeled it off the fruit. To me, this is a good thing, very fresh, but may also tell you just how poorly calibrated my sense of smell is. My husband sniffed (and liked) it, and immediately said, "Roses." Grrr. I have Do Son and Philosykos yet to try. I sniffed the Philosykos and think it will be a favorite.

I made a list and am trying to follow it in order, wearing each scent at least a few days at a time to get a real feel for it. That sounds sort of cheesy. Hm. Today I am wearing the Nuit Noir again. I really do love this. I don't think it's too heavy for warm weather, either, if you're in the right mood.

The list may be damned, though. I really want to wear the Anthousia...I just hope someone who knows perfume will review it soon, and tell me what I think. Victoria at Bois de Jasmin (over to the right...links I enjoy) kindly recommended some other vetivers I might try. More for the list. Sigh.