Thursday, May 18, 2006

Frangipani Redux

Frangipani, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...I am wearing this wonderful scent again today. I could not help myself. And you know what else? I finally got the tropical thing around four o'clock yesterday afternoon. All the cedar and much of the amber seemed to wear away, and what was left was a soft vanilla floral. I could still smell it in class last night. (Bob and I are trying to learn Chinese...more on that another time!) I kept surreptitiously trying to smell my wrist. The instructor probably thought I was a nut.

And so, Frangipani again today. Tomorrow I will wear Ormonde Jayne's Osmanthus and do a comparison to the Keiko Mecheri.

I have more perfume related news, though: I went a little crazy with the Benevolent Blogging thing, clicking around and commenting to help the participants with their fundraising. Several of the sites were also doing drawings at the end of the day on Mother's Day, and by some very strange stroke of luck, I won not one but TWO of the drawings! Me, who never wins anything! Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket.

The first drawing I learned that I had won was for Rochas Femme at Legerdenez, Cait Shortell's thoughtful and intelligent perfume blog. I'd read her review of this fragrance about a week before the drawing and was intrigued, but I never thought I'd get a chance to try it, much less own a full bottle!

The second drawing I learned I'd won, thanks to Andy Tauer's shy post, was for one of his original perfumes from Tauer Perfumes. I chose L'Air du Desert Marocain, because it sounds wonderful and it's unisex, so I can share it with Bob. Luca Turin wrote a very flattering review of Andy's creations, and Cait Shortell conducted an informative interview with him for her blog. I was happy to learn that I had picked his favorite. Be sure to visit his blog, Perfumery, as well, to read his thoughts on perfume, flowers, and life.

Thanks to you you both, and to all the Benevolent Bloggers out there.

Will either of these scents be able to rival my current love for Frangipani? Tune in and see!