Thursday, May 18, 2006

Like Ted Nugent, but with a Mascara Wand Instead of a Gun

Graphic created by Katie at Scentzilla

I’ve joined up with Blogdorf Goodman’s Mascara Hunters (Get it? Hunting? Ted Nugent? Guns? What a cheeseball. Scary, gun-toting cheeseball. Him. Not me.) for May’s Mascara Madness. Tomorrow’s post will feature my first review, Bobbi Brown’s Everything Mascara. Coming this weekend, look for reviews of Sonia Kashuk‘s Lashify Mascara and Neutrogena‘s Weightless Volume Mascara, and hopefully next week sometime, a review of MAC’s Pro Lash.

But for now, a little background:

Right up front I think you should know: I am unbelievably fickle when it comes to mascara. I have about four tubes of it in my drawer at any given time, and usually I’m none too crazy about any of them. But I do have a little bit of a practical side, so I try to use most or all of the ones I buy. Sometimes I just can’t, though, so into the trash they go. It’s a pity you can’t swap mascara, it really is.

Part of the problem is not the mascara; it’s my lashes. They are very long (they hit my eyebrows, and when I wear a lot of mascara, I can feel them), but they are very fine and only medium thickness. And then there’s my left eye. (Oooh, name for autobiography: My Left Eye) The lashes on that eye are a little wonky. For example, I have a little clique of lashes right in the middle of my eyelid—they tend to want to stick together. And on the outside lashes, it’s simply complete chaos. Eyelash anarchy. One lash grows out stick-straight and refuses to curl. If I pull it out, another grows back in, just as stubborn and defiant as the last. The others are just a tangled, muddled mess.

But mascara helps! Mascara!

My favorite mascara:
L’Oreal’s Voluminous Mascara. Hands down, this is the best mascara I’ve ever used. Every time I buy a tube of this stuff, I swear I’m never going to even look at another tube of mascara, but then I read about something in a magazine or see an advertisement and think, “What if I’m missing out on something? What if department store mascaras really are better? What if Great Lash really is great and I just forgot how great I thought it was?”

My other favorites throughout the years:
L’Oreal Lash Out; Almay One Coat; Clinique’s old mascara they don’t make anymore—was it just called Different Mascara? I can’t remember the name; Clinique’s High Impact; Lancome Definicils; and Maybelline Full & Soft.

Mascaras I want to try after reading other hunter’s reviews:

Urban Decay Big Fatty, reviewed by parisjasmal at Monkey Posh. Actually, she knows so much, I want to try all the mascaras and mascara-related tools she has reviewed!

DuWop Lash Lacquer in Plum Black, reviewed by the Beauty Addict. I have green eyes (guess you already knew that…heh), so I think the plum thing could really work.

Maybelline’s Lash Discovery Mini Brush in soft black, reviewed by Toya at Life of a Ladybug and Gigi at Beauty Jones.

Max Factor Lash Perfection in Deep Blue, reviewed by Patti and Patty at Blogdorf Goodman. I don’t know why I am so intrigued by the colored mascaras, but I don’t think they are the nightmare purples and blues of the 1980s, and they can do wonders to bring out the eyes. I don’t wear a lot of mascara, so a little oomph helps.

Come back tomorrow for my first review…maybe you’ll find something you want to try!