Sunday, May 14, 2006

Today's Sample: Diptyque Philosykos

As promised, today I am wearing Philosykos, in order to compare it to Anthousa Fig & Vetiver, which I wore yesterday.

Here's what I think: Anthousa Fig & Vetiver is a girl, but Philosykos is a woman. I don't mean that only young women should wear the Anthousa, but when you are feeling young or innocent or light-hearted, this would be a great scent to wear. It has a very soft femininity to it, a sweetness that's not cloying at all.

The Philosykos is a bit sharper, especially on the opening. To me (who is no expert, and is trying to do this without cheating and looking at a real review first), the fig comes through with a lot of green underneath, like fresh-cut grass, but still a little sweet. It ends up soft as well, but the Anthousa retains a fruity note the Philsykos lacks (yes, I know, the main note is a fruit, fig, but still...I have a limited fragrance vocabulary!). Maybe "sugary" would be a better word...fig (DP) vs. candied fig (AFV).

Feh. I really like them both, enough to buy a bottle...but I would buy the Philosykos first! And I just may!

To read a real review of Philosykos, visit Now Smell This.