Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday? Really?

How can it be? Have I really not posted since Tuesday? I swear, I think about posts to write for the blog so much in my spare time that some feeble part of my brain must believe I've actually done something about it. I can't ride the wave of everyone's love for Le Maroc forever, clearly.

I had to laugh because a commenter on Andy's blog called my post about Le Maroc "flowery." In my past life (all of two months ago), I was a technical writer. I tend to be terse. Busy people don't have time for the blah blah. But to write about perfume and be terse? Well, I suppose I could try a technical writer's approach to perfume, but I think it might be a little dry. I don't think I've ever read a post about perfume that wasn't "flowery," unless the writer absolutely hates a perfume. But no--not even then! Perfume folks are rather passionate in their opinions, either way.

This week, besides Le Maroc, I've worn Idole (at the suggestion of The Non-Blonde, I plan to pit it against Donna Karan's Black Cashmere), Lea Extreme (great comfort scent), and Iris Poudre (pure heaven). I'm working on more skincare posts. Yes, it may exasperate the perfume lovers out there, but my quest this year is to find something that works and let everyone know what I think. I like to share! Surely beautiful skin is as important as perfume? Isn't it?

Happy Friday, everyone!