Sunday, February 04, 2007

Fashion Week, Even for the Unfashionable

Unfashionable? Is that right? Unfashionated? Non-fashionable? I'm any and all of these things, any word you can make up that means, "When it comes to fashion, she hasn't got a clue." My daily uniform is a pair of Eddie Bauer boot cut jeans with brown suede loafers and one of my gajillion plain pullover sweaters. Occasionally I mix it up and wear black loafers, or a cardigan. I know. Don't faint.

Even though I'm hardly a fashion pioneer myself, I love looking at the photos from Fashion Week, and my very favorite thing of all is to see The Sartorialist's photos from outside the tents on Here we go:

First, here's me outside the shows. I wish.

Next, all the women are wearing shoes with tights, shoes one wouldn't normally pair with tights. I love tights, and I love the way this looks.

Scott Schuman, who is The Sartorialist, has a real talent for not only capturing a look on film, but also an essence. This woman reeks beauty, grace, and style:

And though I generally love everything he photographs, sometimes we disagree. This woman is 80s London (Boy George? Thompson Twins? Anyone?), which I find very fun for a costume party, but isn't really a look I want to see come back in earnest:

But no one can deny the man has his finger on the pulse, and I clearly do not. Check out what came down the runway at Nicole Miller:

Ah. Fashion. Do you really want to hurt me?

*photos from