Monday, February 19, 2007

be becker.eshaya

Occasionally I try a fragrance, and I refrain from saying anything about it. Sometimes this happens because a scent loved by perfume fans far and wide turns into something horrible on my skin. (Iris Silver Mist, for example. It makes me smell like a mannequin.) Sometimes this happens because I'm sure as soon as I say I like something, I'll hear quiet, derisive laughter coming from the far corners of the perfume-blogging world. It took me a long time to "out" my love for Benefit's Maybe Baby, and I only did so after another perfume blogger confessed her thing for it first.

But my cranky posts from earlier today probably tell you what sort of day I had--the sort of day where finally, when you get to the end of it, you're ready to say what's on your mind, consequences be damned. And so: I think be is downright pretty. There. I said it. It's pink dress and sandals pretty. It's mimosa (as in OJ and champagne) pretty. It's bouquet full of flowers pretty. With notes of Italian mandarin, pink peony, lily of the valley, rose damascena, and white musk, it's Monet's sunset pretty. The mandarin adds sparkle; the peony, a sweet undertone; the lily of the valley, a hint of freshness that's slightly green; the rose and musk, a bit of powder and sophistication in the drydown. be is a girl's fragrance made for a woman, lighthearted and simple, a memory of carefree days. Not beautiful, not stunning, not a masterpiece.


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