Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Andy Tauer Le Maroc pour Elle

Weeks ago when I was trying all those rose fragrances, several readers told me I should try Andy Tauer's Le Maroc pour Elle. My lovely fellow bloggers The Non-Blonde and Victoria of Victoria's Own both offered to send me samples, and as Victoria had already shared so much with me back when I got started on this blog, I took The Non-Blonde up on her offer. (Besides, The Non-Blonde and I are practically scent twins.) Many thanks to both ladies for being so generous and kind!

I received my samples on Saturday (you know, perfume nuts don't share one sample at a time). Yesterday morning as I prepared to start the week, I reached for Le Maroc. Believe me when I tell you, this is a scent for many moods. I wonder that if it couldn't get you through just about anything. Here's a description from the wonderful perfumer himself, straight from the Tauer Perfumes site:

"Le Maroc pour elle is the perfume of the Moroccan rose at dawn, combined with the seductive evening scent of jasmine. The flower fragrances melt into the enchantment of cedar wood from the High Atlas, forming a truly sensual oriental perfume. The head note is composed of fresh citrus and hints of lavender. Cedar wood forms the perfume body, gently combined with the balm of oriental woods."

Regular readers know my job has been rather trying lately. Mondays are long days full of meetings, so I deliberately chose a scent I thought might bring me a bit of comfort. I'd sniffed Le Maroc in the vial, and I guessed it would wrap me in a warm, heady blanket of scent throughout the day. But here's the part I didn't expect: I was driving to work surrounded by this amazing perfume, and I thought, "I smell sexy." I don't know what your lives are like out there, so maybe you don't think this is so unusual. Maybe Monday mornings are all about the sexy for you. But for me, as a person who rarely feels sexy even when called upon to be so--say, in evening dress or at the beach--I was downright surprised. I felt bouyed by this all day. Monday went so smoothly, I thought it was Friday. I sailed through meetings, I flirted and tried to charm...and I was at work, people! My voice was softer and more controlled; I handled the few crises that arose with grace and wisdom. People responded positively to me all day. And all because of a perfume?

I even made it to the gym before all the treadmills were occupied.

When I returned home, I sat down at the computer to unwind--meaning "read blogs"--and I saw that Angela of Now Smell This had posted on the best romantic Valentine perfumes, and one of the perfumes recommended? Le Maroc pour Elle! I have to say, I wholeheartedly agree. Understand: This is not necessarily a scent to knock your Loved One's socks off. In fact, Loved One may not even notice you're wearing perfume. I mean this as the highest of compliments to the perfumer, because this scent becomes you. It's the mark of a great perfume if it makes you say not, "I feel beautiful," but "I am beautiful." Even if Loved One doesn't notice it (although, let's be honest: Loved One will notice because it smells heavenly...because you smell heavenly), you will. Every time you catch a whiff of yourself, you'll swoon. You'll stand a little taller. You'll bat your eyelashes. You'll get your way.

If you're looking for straight rose, though, this might not be a first choice. The rose is there, but it blends seamlessly with heady jasmine and woods into something that should be a new flower all on its own. Andy Tauer has bottled magic! From the opening, which is softly bitter citrus and slightly herbal, into the velvety floral heart (I believe Andy used the word "melt" up there in the description) that moves into sweet warm wood, warm as a hearth fire, Le Maroc pour Elle is sensual and lovely, warm and embracing.

*photo from Luckyscent