Monday, January 08, 2007

Les Parfums de Rosine Rose d'Ete

Big things come in little packages, like this short but sweet post about Les Parfums de Rosine Rose d'Ete. (Please forgive the lack of accent marks...since my computer crashed last month, I no longer have Word or any decent word processing program, and I don't have the keyboard shortcuts memorized. Lazy.) Very simply, if they scented sunshine with rose and bottled it, you'd have Rose d'Ete.

The notes in Rose d'Ete are as follows:
Top: apple, galbanum, bergamot
Heart: yellow rose, linden blossom, mimosa, lotus blossom
Base: ambrette seed, musk

Fear not the apple: this is no fruity floral. Instead, the top notes work together to give this rose scent a sweet crispness. If you could bite into a Granny Smith apple and smell rose instead of apple...oh, it's so lovely! As the tart notes wear away, you're left with a soft fresh rose that's something like dusk in the shadows at the end of a fine summer day. The floral notes remain prominent but a bit removed, as if carried in on a breeze. This scent is bright yellow and green and white linen, freshly pressed.

I actually wore this back in the summer, right after I tried Ecume de Rose. Even then, I thought I may have to have a bottle. Could this be my first Rosine? Perhaps.

As a little preview, I'll tell you I plan to wear another head-turner (well, it turned my head when I sniffed it this afternoon, anyway) for the next couple of days: Bond No. 9 West Side. Mmmmm. My first Bond?

*photo from LusciousCargo