Monday, January 15, 2007

Bond No. 9 West Side

I used to write about samples the first day I tried them. As I've "grown up" over the last few months, I've started taking a bit more time and care. Maybe it's safe to say that for many fragrances, my first impressions are correct, but generally the intensity of that impression moves one way or the other. Several times I’ve purchased fragrances based on the first impression of being wildly in love only to find it wasn’t love at all, just nice solid like. And then my funds for something I really do love are gone.

If only I could say that I was taking my time with West Side, but I already told you the real story: I was having a bad week last week, and I didn’t want to associate anything negative at work with such a lovely scent. I wanted it to remain lovely. Lucky for me, it has.

The notes in West Side are rose, ylang-ylang, peony, sandalwood, amber, vanilla, and musk. This is a softer, more feminine take on the rose-vanilla combination than one of my other favorites, Keiko Mecheri’s Loukhoum. I’m fond of taking fragrances and forcing comparisons in these sorts of ways: West Side attends Julliard, possibly majoring in dance. Loukhoum hangs out in the Village and wants to be a writer. West Side loves the theater. Loukhoum digs independent film. West Side listens to Dave Brubeck. Loukhoum listens to Neko Case. West Side is Charlotte. Loukhoum is Carrie.

In case you haven’t already guessed, although I have an inner Carrie, I’m more of a Charlotte. I have been wearing West Side for days, and it’s love. Sorry Loukhoum. We’ll always be close friends.

*photo from LusciousCargo