Monday, January 29, 2007


Okay. Now normally I wouldn't go all "girl calling guy right after the first date because she hasn't heard from him yet and she's worried now maybe something is wrong with either her phone or her voice mail," but, um, I'm going to.

As far as I can tell, no one (other than my lovely regulars--hi Ladies!--and Dennis from London--thank you Dennis!) responded to my request to de-lurk. Hrm. I can think of only three reasons why you may not have commented:

A) You hate me. You really, really hate me.

B) You tried to comment but couldn't, or you tried to comment and it seemed to work but actually I never got it. I'm thinking (hoping) this happened to someone besides my mom, who posted a comment last night that I have yet to see. (I don't think she could stand it if I didn't get any comments, people. If you can't do it for me, then for her, perhaps?)

C) You desperately want to comment, but you're trapped under something heavy and can't get to the computer. (Thank you, Nora Ephron.) Never mind how you got to the computer to read the post in the first place. We'll just let that slide.

If the answer is B, then maybe I can help. First, I have--for a short time only!--disabled comment moderation. If there's a problem with the way Blogger is handling anonymous or non-Blogger comments, then maybe this will fix it. Second, I have that email address right over, in the sidebar there...yes, that's it. Maybe you could write to me and at least let me know you tried to post, and also give me ammunition against stupid Blogger.

I can't believe I've let you all turn me into this kind of girl. Sheesh.