Thursday, January 11, 2007

Benefit Maybe Baby

Yesterday my day careened even further downhill, so again today I wasn't taking any chances wearing West Side and having that lovely smell associated with total stress and chaos. Instead I decided to wear a cheerful, energizing scent with which I have much positive association, Benefit Maybe Baby. The notes in Maybe Baby are apricot, white ginger, fresh water blossoms, Himalayan poppy, and warm peach. It's not an overly complicated fragrance, nor is it sweet. It has a fresh citrus and pepper quality to it that dries down into a soft fruitiness. If it were more floral, it would remind me of another uplifting (and widely available) favorite, Prescriptives Calyx.

I think (hope!) most of the work trauma for this week is over, for I have practically been reduced to drooling on my keyboard. I'm both tired and lazy, at this point. As such, I'll stop here and hand it over to Katie's wonderful review of Maybe Baby (and other awesome Benefit products) on Scentzilla! Enjoy!

*photo from Sephora