Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Today's Sample: Keiko Mecheri Loukhoum

Dear Loukhoum,

This. Has. Got. To. Stop. You have to understand, I was looking for something simple, uncomplicated. This whole vanilla thing, it was just an experiment. I mean, I admit it, okay? I was only toying with you.

I didn't think it would get serious. I didn't expect to fall in love. And then to find out that my friends like you...when Lisa stepped up and sniffed me last night and said "It's you!" and then asked what I was wearing. Well, I had to tell her, didn't I? I mean, she's my friend. So I spilled the beans. Told her everything. Your name. Who made you. All about your hawthorn blossom, your rose absolute, your precious woods, and of course, the vanilla Comores flowers.

And I could tell she was smitten. I mean, who wouldn't be? And she knows you're on the market now. And she knows I'm not really exclusive with any perfume these days. It's just not the right time for me to get involved. We've been all through this. But that doesn't mean I want you going around with my friends. Do you really think I want to walk into a room and smell that heady rose wrapped in the warm incense of woods and vanilla on someone else?

Okay, you're still upset about yesterday morning when I said you were too much for the heat and very dry. When I said your rose was so dry at the top and reminded me of the dark rose drydown in Lipstick Rose (which isn't a bad thing, anyway, and I don't know why it made you so huffy). You're completely ignoring the fact that I also said you got spicier and tempered with woods. And also the fact that I already admitted I WAS WRONG. You're lovely, even in the heat. And your rose really isn't as dark as the rose in Lipstick Rose, even though it has that same wonderful depth. But you're just so jealous. You can't see that even though I appreciate Lipstick Rose, I know it's not really right for me. But you are. Why can't you just focus on that and be happy?

I repeat: There will be others. If we're going to spend time together, this is just something you have to come to terms with. But no matter how I feel about new scents I try, no matter how I feel about those from the past that I loved (and may still love), I'm telling you, I want you around. You're special to me. You really are.

Why does love have to be so hard?

*photo from LusciousCargo