Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Des Filles a la Vanille Toi Mon Ange

I'm closing in on the end of my vanilla scents. I ordered Toi Mon Demon with a bunch of other samples from luckyscent. The notes in Toi Mon Demon are sandal, cedar, lily of the valley, and bergamot. Seriously, that sounds right up my alley. A little woods, a little floral, some vanilla thrown in. Yum.

Instead, they sent me Toi Mon Ange: jasmine, vanilla, toffee, and yellow peach. Right there, we have a problem: peach. At the opening, this scent smells like a peach Jolly Rancher. I'm not a huge fan of peaches per se. I can take them or leave them, as fruit goes, so I wasn't thrilled. If you love peaches, this might be the fragrance to send you right over the top.

I must say, though, that when the peach settled down a bit, the toffee note rounded it out nicely, bringing out a musty rather than sweet fruit, and with just a hint of jasmine underneath, this turned out to be quite lovely. I don't think I could wear this regularly, because the several hours of peach candy were just too much for me. But if fruity scents are your bag, I could happily recommend this one.