Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Going-Away Giveaway!

Friends, today will be the first day of the Sweet Diva Going-Away Giveaway! I have sample packs! I have full (or mostly full) bottles to share! I sound like I should be selling mattresses! Or perhaps used cars!

I've been trying to think how best to work this, and I think I've decided on the best approach: If you would like to be entered to win any prize, leave your name in the comments. I'll line up the prizes randomly, and then draw a name for each one. I may mix and match depending on how many people are interested. How does that sound?

Among the prizes are:
Balmain Ivoire (full bottle)
Sample Packs: Yves Rocher, Fragonard, Penhaligon's, Bond No. 9, Liz Zorn, etc.
Yves Rocher Neonatura Cocoon Travel Spray w/ refill
Houbigant Apercu (mostly full bottle...passed to me from a friend of Sweet Diva)
Zents Body Spray - Sun (full bottle)
Mixed sample packs and minis
Czech & Speake Neroli (mostly full, generously passed to me by the perfumer)

I'll keep the comments open for this until Thursday, and then I'll draw prizes and announce the winners on Friday. Come on, try your luck!