Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008 Resolutions

The last couple of years, I didn't make any resolutions. As far as perfume goes, last year I was still fumbling around and wondering what to try. I started the year with roses and went on willy nilly from there. This year, I at least have a few goals in terms of lines I want to sample. Some are classics, some are department store favorites, and some are more niche than others. While everyone else is off being cool and interesting, sampling beihl parfumkunstwerke and other such new things, I'll be working through my education, trying not to be distracted (although I'm sure sometimes I'll be unable to avoid it). If you have any suggestions about specific perfumes I should try from these lines (barring the obvious, of course, like Miss Dior), please share in the comments! I love to try other people's favorites.

Here are the houses on which I plan to focus in 2008:

Dior. I am most familiar with Dune and Poison (and I do own a vintage bottle of Miss Dior whose top notes have gone missing), so I think I should get in there and sample some of the classics. I seriously plan to sniff everything they have to offer. This was all prompted by Chandler Burr's post about J'Adore in The New York Times. Well, that and it's a line every perfumista should know.

Hermes. This is another line with which I am only the tiniest bit familiar. I own a decant of Hiris, and that's about the extent of it. I've sniffed their scents while standing in the store, but that's too distracting and tells me nothing, really. I plan to sample all that I can, including the Hermessences.

Estee Lauder. This is my "department store" entry line, but it's also an American classic and the perfume line with which I was most familiar with from the outset. Beautiful was a "signature" scent for me for many years. My grandmother wore Youth Dew; my mom wore Private Collection; my stepmother wears Knowing. Like many, mine is a Lauder family. A funny story: The first year Bob and I were together for Christmas, I sent him out to buy his grandmother some Youth Dew (it's a well-known fact that all grandmothers of a certain age love Youth Dew, Chloe, and White Shoulders--you know it's true!). He brought home Youth Dew Amber Nude. Hm. And yes, I broke down and ordered the fragrance set I said I wanted for Christmas. I waited until the day after, just in case.

Miller Harris. I have only tried L'Air de Rien and Coeur d'Ete, but they've left me wanting more. This time last year, I probably would have purchased either one of those two...this year I'd liek to get through more of the line before I decide.

Le Labo. I have tried nary a one of these fragrances, so I think it's time to step up to the plate. Too many people in the perfume blogging world have sung their praises, and I'm "old enough" for them now.

CB I Hate Perfume. Another line I felt I needed to grow into trying. Last summer I sampled Wild Pansy and Just Breathe. Wild Pansy is firmly placed on my imaginary "to buy" list, but like the Miller Harris, I want to get through more of the line before I commit to anything. This one might be difficult if Luckyscent won't put samples of these back on the menu!

Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier. The scents I've sampled from this line that stand out in my mind are Or des Indes and Fleur de Comores, and of course Secrete Datura. All three of these pleased me, so clearly I need to do some more sampling before (or if) I decide to settle on adding one to my collection.

Carthusia. This is one house I know nothing about, but it intrigues me. I've found at least three "samples to order" lists on post-its around the house or office with one or another Carthusia scent on it to know that I should just get off my duff and try some already.

Penhaligons. Shut up. I like the bottles. That's enough, right? No? Well, Kate Moss likes the Bluebell perfume. I am cool like Kate Moss. (You know I am desperate when I throw in a celebrity plug.) Seriously--I like the bottles. And the scents sound pretty. I like pretty.

Parfums de Nicolai. Another one where I've tried a few--Odalisque, Mimosaique, and Sacrebleu--and understood that I must try many. This is another line where it would be easy to succumb early on. Besides, I got through sampling many a Guerlain last year, and it's time to give the younger generation a go.

Bond No. 9. Next to Lauder, this is the house on the list whose work I've sampled the most (Scent of Peace, Westside, West Broadway, Fire Island, Chinatown, DNA (Saks for Her), Silver Factory, Bryant Park). I'm pretty set on owning a bottle of Bryant Park one of these days, and I am eagerly awaiting Union Square. I probably have more samples of fragrances from this line that I haven't tried than any other, and the SA at Saks has convinced me that these scents are made for layering, not unlike the I plan to try and see.

And there you have it. Naturally, these are just the biggies, so I am sure plenty of other stuff will get thrown into the mix. I'd love to hear if you've made resolutions, scented or otherwise, in the comments. Oh, and any suggestions, of course!