Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Week!

I cannot believe I haven't posted in a week! I know I promised to update my sidebar with what I've been sampling for my year in review, but at some point, that seemed like giving you a peek at the answers. I have quite some work to do. Creating this list seemed much easier, more self-evident last year. No idea if that's good or bad, really, but it's surprising how different the list is shaping up this year. A hint about this year: more, uh, floral-y florals. Last year I had more of a mix, a little leather and spice. But I'm giving too much away. No, no...must not say anymore.

I suppose Top Ten and Year-in-Review lists are ubiquitous among bloggers, but tell me, my non-blogging friends: Do you review your hit list at the end of the year? I have a theory that perfume lovers are natural list-makers. We are a people who love to categorize and prioritize. How else, really, could we keep up?

So I have been faithfully sampling and sampling things I tried throughout the year, sometimes gaining clarity and other times staying cloudy. I've only cheated once, yesterday, when I wore Lalique Encre Noir. I had to replenish some of my repeaters for testing, and, well, a few new samples crept onto the list. But other than Encre Noir, I've held them at bay.

So let's hear it, my friends: What are your favorites from 2007?