Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Want, Part 2

I rarely do this. I am generally reluctant to say I want anything as a gift. Usually, if I want something, I buy it for myself. But I admit, I saw this and wanted it immediately! But enough equivocating. I love Estee Lauder, and so do many perfume fans out there. This is a limited-edition collection of mostly classic scents.

From the Estee Lauder site:
"Limited-time collection arrives in an exclusive gift box and includes:
- Beautiful Parfum .12 oz.
- Estée Lauder Beyond Paradise Eau de Parfum Spray .14 oz.
- Estée Lauder pleasures Parfum .12 oz.
- White Linen Parfum .09 oz.
- Youth-Dew Parfum .12 oz
- Intuition Parfum .14 oz.
- Knowing Parfum .12 oz.
- Private Collection Parfum .07 oz.
- Cinnabar Parfum .12 oz.
- Aliage Parfum .12 oz.
- Azurée Parfum.12 oz
- Estée Eau de Parfum .12 oz."

This collection is $85, and for now they're offering free shipping. If I don't get mine, you should at least get yours. This would be a wonderful gift for any fragrance lover.

*image from esteelauder.com