Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Random Thanks, Day 2

A challenge today and for the rest of the week: share at least one small, daily thing with me for which you give random thanks!

Here's my list for Day 2:

1. Cashmere. Every year, for Christmas, I receive at least one acrylic sweater. Every year, it goes on top of the Goodwill pile. I can't abide any fabric that makes me feel like I am wearing my own personal sauna, no matter how "natural" it might feel to the touch. Cotton is good, wool is better, but let's face it: cashmere is best. I don't get too snotty about plys or counts or what-have-you, and while my taste may run to Tse or White+Warren, my budget is more Land's End or J.Crew (preferably on sale, which explains the odd and delightful color assortment in my closet). With a good sweater shaver and some terrific hand-wash detergent from The Laundress, these babies will last a lifetime.

2. Slippers. I've always been a slipper-wearing gal. I love the approach of cool weather because nothing feels better than going home after a long day at work and putting on slippers. (I am 38 going on 70. Nice to meet you.) My current slippers are my favorite I have ever owned. Although I loathe Uggs and think they are just about the most hideous thing next to Crocs to happen to fashion, I LOVE my pink suede Ugg slippers, even though the shearling is wearing thin and they are filthy and cannot be cleaned. They are without a doubt the most comfortable, cozy thing I own.

3. David Bowie. It does seem odd to declare my old-lady love for slippers on the one hand and declare my undying devotion to David Bowie on the other. Although I was familiar with his music from an early, early age ("Fame" was a big hit with both my parents, and the volume went up on the car radio every time it came on), I will never forget the first time I laid eyes David Bowie: It was probably 1978, I was all of nine years old, and I was watching a special about rock and roll with my babysitter Toni when they showed this...thing. I was so fascinated, and I remember saying, "She looks really weird." This sent my babysitter into fits of laughter, of course, and she said "That's David Bowie. That's a GUY." Guy or gal, I was completely taken by the image of Bowie dressed as Ziggy Stardust and serenading a concert hall full of people. My favorite Bowie album: Hunky Dory.

4. Eggnog. This is my biggest weakness at the holidays. I can bypass the cookies and pies and cakes and all the other holiday goodies--just give me my eggnog. I'm not adventurous enough to make my own, so I generally go for the store-bought variety: Organic Valley is best, followed by Whole Foods brand and Horizon. I suppose the classic spike is rum or whisky, but I prefer mine with a dash of Courvoisier--but just a dash! after all, you want to be able to keep drinking it!--and a healthy sprinkle nutmeg on top. Yum! I can feel my waist getting wider at the very thought.

5. Las Vegas. I know people think it's sleazy or cheesy, and I suppose some of the places along the strip definitely fit that bill, but I don't care--I love it. Over all, I am a person to whom understatement is not only a good thing, but something to strive for, but I love Vegas for being the complete opposite of understatement, for its full-out gaudiness and bright lights, its over-the-top hotels and casinos, and its shopping, not to mention its sheer will to survive and thrive out there in the desert (which I also happen to love). And there is simply no better place I can think of for people watching. Vegas attracts every type of person imaginable. It's definitely something to see. Because I can't travel there on any kind of regular basis, I get my fill by watching Ocean's Eleven.

Come on folks, join the party! Let's hear it!

*images from (in order): J.Crew, Zappos, Amazon, Organic Valley, and Yahoo