Thursday, November 08, 2007


Weeks and weeks ago I had picked out all these scents to try for fall and put them in a little green glass box on my dresser where they sat untouched and waiting. I'm glad they were there, because it would have been too daunting to both pick samples and get back to posting (somewhat) regularly.

I've heard many a good thing about Costes, although I can't remember ever seeing a review of it anywhere. And of course, you're not really getting a review here, because I'm no expert...but I know what I like, and I like Costes. This scent was created for (by? around?) the Hotel Costes in Paris. The notes are lavender, bay-tree, coriander, white pepper, rose, incense, woods and light musc. What I particularly like about this scent is its unique herbal quality. The warmth of this perfume makes it feel like a cool weather scent to me, wonderful and sophisticated for the holidays. It's herbal but not dry, and I love the fact that it's warm without an overdose of incense, amber, or woods, which are so frequently a part of scents that seem to fit this time of year.

Costes is clean and unisex. While it's not at all soapy, it does make me think of finer, milled French soap. It lingers so sweetly (sweet like skin, not flowers or fruit) on the skin, it makes me swoon a bit. I imagine this would wear as well in spring or summer as it seems to in this much cooler weather we're (finally) having. I say firmly, this one is bottle worthy and would make a lovely gift (the season approaches, after all) for any man or woman, particularly someone who might not typically wear scent but who is looking for something to try.

On an interesting side note, Hotel Costes also apparently sells home scents, mayonnaise, liqueur, jewelry, and lounge music compilation CDs. Has anyone tried anything else from the Costes line? Or better yet, has anyone stayed at the hotel? It's supposed to be rather grand.

Or how about this: Has anyone tried any other perfumes issued for hotels? The only two I can think of are Caesar's Woman (Caesar's Palace) and Bellagio (obvious). I've never smelled either of these, but when I first started this blog I had someone tell me that Caesar's Woman was her mother's favorite perfume. I cannot imagine what this must smell like...cigarette smoke and buffet, perhaps? The smell of money and sweat? Hookers? Hm. As much as I love the Bellagio, I don't think I'd even try that one!

*image from Luckyscent