Friday, September 22, 2006

When Bad Things Happen to Good Perfumes, Part 2

I'm just not happy with my perfume today. I don't have a sample to discuss--I had planned to talk about Comme des Garcons Incense-Zagorsk, which I wore yesterday, but I neglected it because work was so busy. I can tell you right now that my impression was favorable. Details forthcoming.

Today I'm not having any luck with scent at all. First, we had to take Diva to the vet this morning for her yearly shots, so my first big fragrance hit of the day was the smell of frightened animal sweat. Diva's not just pretty--she's smart, too. She knows when something's up. Although I thought I was doing quite the acting job, she sensed I had something up my sleeve and promptly hid under the bed. By the time we got her out and into the car, she was releasing hair like pollen. I'm used to her, so I don't sneeze too much, but I got a few hives on my neck.

And talk about animalic smell. And not in a sexy way. It was only very prominent for a few minutes, in the waiting area at the vet, but still...I think it threw off my sense of smell completely. When the appointment was over, we took Diva home and decided to go get coffee. I was getting ready for work in a piecemeal sort of way, so I put on a little makeup and then applied Anne Pliska before we left. I was bothered my the scent of myself all the way to Starbucks. When we got there and were standing in line, Bob told me he didn't like my perfume. While I wasn't thrilled with his timing (it was a little bit as though he'd leaned over and whispered that my butt looked big), I secretly agreed with him. When we got home I washed it off and decided to try again.

I applied Loukhoum and then left for work. But this one isn't working either. You all know how much I love this. I washed off as much of it as I could in the ladies' room. I think perhaps the animal sweat tainted my nose. I long for something bright and juicy. Amber or incense was not the way to go today at all. Perhaps I should have spent the day with Bois de Paradis again, or with Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir. Or even with a light floral. *Sigh*