Wednesday, September 06, 2006

La Prairie Silver Rain

Sorry for the late post this evening, friends. I promised yesterday that I would wear Silver Rain today for comparison's sake, so here goes--the notes in Silver Rain are:
Top: green apple, verbena flower, bergamot, anise, coriander
Heart: dewfruit berry (?), plum, sugar, "gardenia tuberose blossom (?)," red rose petals, star magnolia
Base: red sandalwood, agarwood, tonka bean, vanilla infusion, patchouli, musk, heliotrope

Okay, folks, here's my impression of Silver Rain: meh. *Shrugs* I put it on early, early this morning (you might know the routine by now--it's Wednesday, which means early early meeting, which means don't wear something that frightens people), and I thought, "This is good. Nice. I like this." And then...I promptly forgot about it altogether.

Now, while I wasn't running to the bathroom to wash it off, I can't help but think my lack of interest doesn't bode well for Silver Rain. It's sort of like getting set up on a date with a pretty good actor, excusing yourself to go to the powder room during dinner, and then accidentally wandering out of the restaurant on your way back to the table and simply going home. Later, some time after you've turned out the light, you wake up and think: "My purse...did I leave it at the restaurant?"

I can't give you a fair review of Silver Rain because I wore it all day and didn't think to sniff until well after lunch (not like me at all), at which point it was just a soft pleasant perfumey smell on my wrist, indistinguishable from any other sort of pretty inoffensive perfume. Probably I'll test it again, and my guess is it's pretty and easy to wear. I'm sorry I can't tell you more...

But (there's always a but): This evening I put on Midnight Rain again, and I think I like it! The opening is sweet with a little spice in the top, and then it does progress to the headache-y stage, but it smells so rich. Tonight I'm thinking baked fruit with spices: rich, warm, spicy, honeyed. This one's definitely growing on me.

*photo from Nordstrom