Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ten Random Tunes 1.27.09

Welcome to my new Tuesday feature, Ten Random Tunes, where I put the iTunes on shuffle and just let it go. It's a little like taking a personality quiz every time I do this, because I get bits of history with every song I hear, and it helps me see what's shaped not only my taste in music, but my sense of the world. Feel free to play along!

A-Ha, "Take On Me." Grosse Pointe Blank Soundtrack. This song was popular my junior year of high school, but was not one of my favorites. At that time I was all about Depeche Mode and Tears for Fears, if I remember correctly. I like this song better as part of this soundtrack, and I love this movie. And, oh yes, the video is still pretty amazing.

The Ramones, "Judy Is A Punk." The Royal Tenenbaums Soundtrack. I owned two Ramones albums only, in my time (on vinyl, thank you very much): Rocket to Russia and Rock N' Roll High School. At the time (1980) I was sure I was the only person in Odessa, Texas who owned a Ramones album. I "discovered" them through the magic of HBO, which seemed to run Rock N' Roll High School (no, the album was not the soundtrack...the movie is named after the album) on an endless loop the summer before seventh grade. I was an early, secret punk, in my head of not in my dress.

Frou Frou, "Let Go." Garden State Soundtrack. I swear, I own lots of music that's not part of a soundtrack. Soundtracks are easy, though, because they are like playlists you don't have to exert any effort to create. I listened to this one a lot when I first bought it, even though I wasn't nuts about the movie. (*Spoiler alert, although surely you've seen this by now*: I think he should have gotten on the plane.) This track is okay, but my favorite is Zero 7, "In The Waiting Line."

Madonna, "Justify My Love." Immaculate Collection. I selected all the songs in my iTunes, to be fair, and this one comes up. I don't care for this song, but I bought the album for the handful of songs I do like. I haven't gotten used to the idea that you can buy one song at a time it's okay. Call me old-fashioned. Is it cheating that I clicked through and didn't listen to the whole thing?

Elvis Costello & the Attractions, "Watching the Detectives." The Best of Elvis Costello & the Attractions. A couple "Best of" Elvis Costello albums exist out there, but this is the first one, from the 1980s, with Elvis's face in profile on the cover. I own it on vinyl and CD. I listened to this album over and over in college. I still listen to it over and over. Never get tired of it.

Modest Mouse, "Bury Me with It." Good News for People Who Love Bad News. I've never gotten as deeply into Modest Mouse as I should have, is my opinion. Back in the 90s I bought their first album, This Is A Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About because I loved the title, but I listened to it once and sold it. I don't remember why!

Sebastian Tellier, "Fantino." Lost in Translation Soundtrack. Seriously, I am more than the sum of my soundtracks. This is probably in the running for my favorite soundtrack, though (Rushmore might be the only one that can beat it), and I love the movie. This is the song that plays when she visits Kyoto. I always think about her tying her wish to the branch of the tree.

JTQ, "Spirit of the Sun." This Is Acid Jazz. In the early 90s I worked as a receptionist at a hair salon, and we listened to this album constantly. This is great driving music.

Aretha Franklin, "Chain of Fools." The Best of Aretha Franklin. Dear Everybody, Please lay off Aretha about the hat she wore to the inauguration. She is The Queen of Soul, and you are a Nobody. Sincerely, Me.

Nico, "These Days." The Royal Tenenbaums Soundtrack. Before I lose street cred (ya, book and perfume blog street cred), I own actual Velvet Underground albums. CDs. Whatever the kids are calling them these days. This popped up randomly, but makes me think there are no accidents because it's just too fitting: "Please don't confront me with my failures/I had not forgotten them..."

*images from amazon.com