Monday, January 19, 2009

Doing My Part

Hello? Hello? Is anybody out there? (Besides you, Mom.) Happy New Year! Long time, no post. If any of you are out there, I'd like for you to know that I've missed you all terribly. I've been thinking about getting back into this blogging game for a while now.

If you're out there, how are you? What are you doing these days? Me, I'm doing my part to raise the country's unemployment numbers. Yes, as of a few weeks ago, I was--ahem--"resource actioned." Honestly, I thought that was the stupidest term I'd ever heard, until a colleague (also recently, uh, released from duty) told me that her company used the term "redeployment." Way to remove the humanity! I am writing, or trying to write, and also trying to figure out what the heck I am going to do with myself now. One thing I've learned: trust your gut. If you sense something is wrong from the get-go, then get out, otherwise you may end up out of the frying pan and into the mouth of the volcano.

But you all know me. I don't like to dwell on the negative much. I'd rather think of this as a new beginning, an opportunity to change, at least for a little while. Perspective is key in this economy, as is creativity. With the extra time on my hands, I thought I should do something productive, like getting back in touch with old friends. Of course, I must make a few changes, given the circumstances. While I have enough samples left, still, to eke out a perfume review now and again, I'll mostly be focusing on my first love, books and writing. I thought about starting a "new" blog, but I could not abandon Sweet Diva. Somehow, it just didn't feel right. I hope you'll continue to visit, from time to time, just to say hello...if you're out there, that is.