Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Is Mercury retrograde or something? Has one of you put a voodoo hex on me because I dissed your favorite perfume? I have clearly done something to anger the universe, for in the last week:

  • My Yahoo account has blocked me both at work and at home. All I get is "connection timed out." Their Support is not supportive. If you have emailed me in the last week, then for now you are out of luck. So let me just go ahead and say: Sybil, thanks for the Apercu and the samples! I got them yesterday!
  • My work email account locked me out because I have too many messages (and/or too many large messages) in my Inbox. If I work with you: stop sending large attachments through email. Stop clicking reply all when you only have something to say to one person. Stop replying with the large-ass attachments still on the email. Just stop it. And thank you.
  • My phone has decided it does not like to have its battery charged...but only if I have a reason to use the phone. When I open it up just to check, the battery is always mysteriously full.