Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sage Coral and Peridot Perfume Oils

These two perfume oils, Coral and Peridot, wrap up my week of perfume oil sampling. I've enjoyed wearing these oils, but I must admit I'm anxious to get back to regular perfume. The thing about perfume oils is that they don't do much in the way of development on the skin, so there's no moving from the top and through the heart to the base. It's like getting an anecdote rather than the full story, but then sometimes the anecdote does the job. Sometimes I want to wear fragrance because I want the experience of something singular. In perfume, if you love the top notes in a scent, you only get about thirty minutes to an hour of what you love, and then it's gone. In perfume oils, the scent is the scent, mostly, and also, they tend to have great lasting power. In humid climates (like say, oh, Atlanta), that's a bonus.

But enough about perfume oils in general--let me tell you about Coral and Peridot. Coral has notes of orange blossom, mimosa, sandalwood, vanilla, and coconut. Surprisingly, this comes across less beachy or tropical than the notes may sound. Instead, this is a warm, sunny scent with a sweet freshness lent by the orange blossom and mimosa. Autumn at La Creme Beauty recommended this one to me, and she was right on the money. It's not overpowering, the sort of scent that becomes a person's aura as opposed to a person's smell.

Peridot is made up of notes of lime, cucumber, fig, freesia, and soft musk. Simply put, Peridot is more what I expected from Yosh's U4EAHH!, a slightly sweet but refreshing scent, a summer cocktail for the wrists. The freesia sort of grabs the fig and keeps it from floating away altogether, grounding the soft floral in the fresh greenness of the lime and cucumber. The one thing this scent lacks--and I think this might be true of most oils because of their nature--is the effervescence a perfume made up of these note should have. I would like for the top to sparkle a bit more, but of course, there is no "top." Still, I like it much better than the Yosh, and I find the price much less offensive.

All in all, I think my favorites from the week were Kai, Sage Perfume Oil, and Coral Perfume Oil. I own Coral, but I don't own the other two and am not sure if I would purchase them or not. I might consider the Kai, only if I don't find a gardenia perfume I like better. I must be honest: what attracted me to the Sage oils in the first place was the packaging! I'm a complete sucker for something cute that also smells nice. Hopefully those of you out there who need or want to avoid the alcohol in traditional perfumes, or those of you just looking for something to beat the heat or simply for something new found something here to spark your interest. Several places carry the Sage oils, including La Creme Beauty, Luckyscent, and Anthropologie. I believe all in all Sage offers thirteen different oils, so if none of the ones I sampled appeal to you, you might check out the others.

I'm off to pick out my vetiver samples for next week!

*photos from Luckyscent