Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bois 1920 Vetiver Ambrato and L'Artisan Vetiver

Bois 1920 Vetiver Ambrato contains two notes. Can you guess what they might be? If you guessed cotton candy and Peach Riunite, then I have a bottle of something Jessica Simpson made for you right over here. If you guessed vetiver and amber, then...well...very good. Good for you. If you were able to guess that much, and then you thought to yourself, "I wonder if it's a warm, clean scent, I wonder if it's sweet grass, sweet amber incense on cool summer air," well, then, I don't really need to tell you how this one smells. You already figured it out.

But let's talk for a minute about L'Artisan Vetiver, a wonderfully harsh creation that for some reason L'Artisan felt the need to discontinue. What is that with the vetiver? Pepper? Pimento? (I had pimentos in a salad I made for dinner tonight...I swear I smell them here, too.) It's slightly citrus, but I don't think it's lemon. Grapefruit? I cannot find the notes for this one. L'Artisan no longer acknowledges its existence, Basenotes has next to nothing (although one reviewer says oakmoss and patchouli--yes on the oakmoss, as there's a wonderful mustiness under the sharp top, but no to the patchouli? Maybe patchouli? It is a bit hippie-ish, in a wonderful way.), and neither does osMoz. Although these scents smell nothing alike, L'Artisan's Vetiver is in the same spirit to me as Etro Messe de Minuit, dirty and musty and sublime. Why do they stop making scents like these? Of course, I can't complain too much about L'Artisan, but still...why?!

*photo from Luckyscent