Thursday, May 31, 2007

Annick Goutal Eau du Ciel

Late in the day, but as promised, I'm here to talk about Eau du Ciel. Let's cut to the chase. Eau du Ciel contains notes of Brazilian rosewood, violet, Floretin iris, and lime blossom. The Annick Goutal site proclaims this scent to be "tender as an angel's wing." I find that puzzling, because although this fragrance is somewhat ethereal, it does not have the underlying sweetness, the delicacy of a scent so tender. If I had to pick a scent to fit that description, it would probably be one of the more "tender" white florals, like Frederic Malle Lys Mediterranee with its haunting blend of lily, orange blossom, vanilla and musk, softly transparent and of the air, or even La Chasse.

Eau du Ciel is also a somewhat transparent scent, but it has a deep amethyst hue. Lime blossom sets the tone, bright green and slightly sweet, refreshing as the fruit itself in a glass of sparkling water. Iris lends a floral quality to the scent that is deepened here by the presence of the violet. The violet here is not candied or artificial, as it sometimes comes across to me in other scents. I'm not offended by that sort of violet, the kind that displays artifice and turns it on its head, but I enjoy the woody greenness of violet in Eau du Ciel. Rosewood grounds the scent further, makes it slightly warmer on the skin, and lends lasting power. The sparkle fades but the warmth remains, much the way the air beneath shade trees still holds the warmth of the sun after it has set.

*photo from Annick Goutal