Saturday, May 12, 2007

Amouage Ciel pour Femme

Folks, I have been wearing Amouage Ciel pour Femme for three days now, and I can come to only one conclusion: my sample is bad. Mmm hm. That has to be the problem.

Look at this list of notes:
Top: gardenia, cyclamen, violet leaves
Heart: peach blossom, water lily, rose, jasmine
Base: amber, musk, cedarwood, sandalwood, frankincense

By all rights, this should be gorgeous, right? Now, I don't read the list of notes before I sample on the first day, so truth be told, I just thought this was one of those scents that's interesting upon application and then disappears. But after I read the notes, that seemed impossible. Ciel should not be so fleeting. So the next day, I was less cautious in my application. There at the top was a strange treatment of gardenia, a bit dirty and peppery, but very light. And then--it all but disappears! If I press my nose right against my wrist--we're talking skin-to-skin contact here--I can smell something. I think.

Oh, who am I kidding? There's nothing there. I mean nothing. No rose, no jasmine, no amber, no frankincense...none of it. Boo! Hiss! My sample is not a decant, but a carded spray sample produced by Amouage. All I can guess is that I got a bad one, or that it was somehow damaged by heat, or it's just old. Sigh. This isn't a bad review--it's no review at all. Please, someone, tell me: am I missing anything great here? Is it worth getting another sample?

On to another, I guess.

In another note, I still have not received my bottle of La Chasse. I ordered it on April 25. On May 1, Aedes wrote and said they were temporarily out of stock, but that my order should ship the following week. Today is May 12, and I haven't heard a peep or received a box, so I canceled my order, including samples (I think we all agree I have enough of those, anyway). And then I promptly went to Neiman's site and ordered it from them. And I made sure it said "In Stock" before I pressed Order!

*photo from LusciousCargo