Friday, June 06, 2008

What's Your Friday Perfume?

This week I decided to break out of the back-and-forth pattern I've developed, going between L'Artisan Dzing! and Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess--oh, that's right! I didn't tell you! On the day I officially accepted my new position, I was passing through Nordstrom to meet friends at the cafe for lunch, and there it was: the last bottle. Yep. I got the last bottle (besides the they sell those? do the SAs get to keep them?) at Perimeter Nordstrom. Ha! Oh...but I was breaking a pattern, right? Yes, I decided to break out of the back-and-forth and try something new, so I pulled three sweet Carthusia samples from my sample drawer and gave them all a shot. Today I'm wearing my favorite of the three, Fiori di Capri, with notes of wild carnation, lily of the valley, oak, amber, sandal, and ylang ylang. This represents as a peppery white floral with an oaky base, sweet and heady at the top, but still rather dry, which makes it wonderful in the heat.

I also tried two others, Via Camarelle (lemon, bitter orange, marine musk, cedarwood) and Io Capri (wild fig and tea leaves), but to be honest I was too nervous and distracted by all the new things at work to pay them much notice. I liked them both at first shot, particularly Io Capri, which is probably the best treatment of fig I've found in a perfume so far because it veers away from the beachy-ness most fig perfumes seem to have and really does become something wild and green. I'll definitely be trying them again...but of course my favorite of the three is the most floral. Old habits die hard, and also, I was less distracted on Thursday because I was getting more used to my new digs.

And in case you were wondering what I wore on my first day at the new job...Dzing! of course. It's the closest thing I had to a security blanket!

Okay, your turn! What will it be today, or this weekend? Discover anything terrific this past week?

Happy Friday, everyone!

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