Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tell Me What You're Wearing

This. Stupid. Cold. Won't. Leave. Nor will it just get it over with and become a full-blown summer episode, allowing me to take to my bed during the week and avoid work. Instead, it just hangs around like an uninvited dinner guest picking at leftovers and keeping me awake past my bedtime. I can smell well enough, but not well enough to try anything new. Or perhaps I just don't have the energy. Either way, it's left me only wanting to wear things that are familiar and cherished. So far, that's been Le Chevrefeuille and Guerlain Liu (I am happy to report that my decant was undamaged by the heat). I see this trend continuing for the rest of the week.

Speaking of things that are familiar and cherished, does anybody else miss visiting Victoria at Victoria's Own every day to see what she and everyone else are wearing for the day? I wonder where she's gone, and I hope there's nothing serious keeping her away. She was one of my first friends on this blog, and she introduced me to Anne Pliska, Apres L'Ondee, and Messe de Minuit, among other things. I must send her an email!

But in the meantime, and just this once, if you're visiting Wednesday night or Thursday morning as you prepare for your day, tell me what perfume you're wearing or planning to wear for the day and why. Let me do a little vicarious sampling, as I'm too pathetic this week. Just too pathetic!