Thursday, April 26, 2007

Let's Pretend I Never Went Anywhere...

...but that I'm back from where I never went anyway. Probably all my loyal readers, both of them, are gone now. Sigh.

I can't say what took me away, but I can say what brought me back: L'Artisan La Chasse aux Papillons, in the EDT form: tuberose, linden blossom, jasmine, orange blossom. A supremely delicate white floral, this was one of my very first samples from last year. I was digging around in my box o'samples early this week, pulled this out, and thought "Oh! I remember when I got this! I must wear this!" Last year, it was just pretty. This year, it's the intricate lace of tiny, fragile blossoms in springtime. It's light and feminine, a non-headache-inducing white floral that's safe enough to wear to work and romantic enough to wear out on a date.

Crazy when I look over at my bookshelf full of perfume bottles to think that I picked up this habit just one year ago! And soon, Sweet Diva will turn one year old as could I not keep going? Good news for me, bad news for my bank account. My bottle of La Chasse should arrive any day now. And of course, my samples!

*photo from Aedes